Allied USA is pleased to announce the promotion of Griffin Berger as our Vice President of Sales. This fourth-generation member of the Allied leadership team embodies the company’s core principles, including a passion for learning, a spirit of innovation, and a strong commitment to collaboration.

Griffin’s journey with Allied began not in the boardroom, but on the factory floor. He spent his summers immersed in every aspect of the business, working in laminate, CNC, assembly, and shipping departments. This hands-on experience instilled in him a deep understanding of Allied’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Following his graduation from Florida State University, Griffin joined Allied during our challenging COVID period (2020). Demonstrating his dedication and problem-solving skills, he played a pivotal role in his previous position as Vice President of Operations, working side by side with the team to transform our manufacturing processes. Throughout this process, Griffin’s empathy and ability to bring people together fostered a strong team mentality, which was instrumental in the successful implementation of the new processes.

“I look forward to building meaningful and engaging relationships with individuals who share our dedication to impacting the lives of future generations of students and educators,” 

—Griffin Berger

We at Allied USA are confident that Griffin’s unique blend of experience, passion, innovative spirit, and commitment to fostering relationships will be instrumental in expanding our reach as we continue to grow.

About Allied USA

Allied USA is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and high-quality school furniture. We are dedicated to shaping the future of education by creating furniture that fosters movement, encourages collaboration, and promotes a sense of belonging.