We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement for designers and planners in the educational space. Allied, a leader in innovative furniture for modern learning environments, has now integrated its entire product line into CET design software. This integration marks a milestone in accessibility and convenience for professionals designing K-12 learning spaces.

With this new development, designers can now easily specify and incorporate Allied’s range of ergonomic seating, collaborative desks, tables, storage units, and more, directly within CET’s robust platform. Our diverse range of modern classroom and makerspace furniture, including solutions for STEM environments, is designed to inspire and facilitate effective learning experiences.

This integration ensures that designers have immediate access to our comprehensive catalog, allowing for seamless incorporation of our products into their visionary educational spaces. Our goal is to support the creation of dynamic, flexible, and engaging learning environments that cater to the needs of modern education.

For more information on how to access Allied’s products in CET and to explore the possibilities for your next project, visit our dedicated page on Configura.com.