Mobile Dry Erase Easels For Presentation and Multimedia

ME-Station Mobile Media Presentation Easels

Generous 36” wide by 72” tall surface area. 3/4” thick particleboard sealed with premium high-gloss dry-erase surfaces on both sides. 

Each ME-Station has two presentation panels, each with two usable surfaces. 2mm PVC edge profile seals the board edges for easy cleaning. Panels secure to the frame with rear-mounted fasteners for user-friendly replacement.


  • Mobile, dual-sided presentation surface with interior storage shelves
  • Allied ‘Switchback’ worksurface system
  • Large enough to use as a partition
  • Easy to roll and lock in place
  • Quick assembly frame system
ME-Station Mobile Dry Erase Easels
ME-Station Mobile Dry Erase Easels