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Hutch Mobile Storage

Our mobile metal storage system offers three practical height options, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your classroom space. With versatile configurations such as Shelf, Tote, or Cubbie setups, you have the freedom to customize your storage solution precisely to match your unique classroom storage requirements.

3K MMS 30S El
3K MMS 30SD El
3K MMS 45S Sr
3K MMS 45SD Sr
3K MMS 60S Db
3K MMS 60SD Db
3K MMS 60SD Open Db
3K MMS 60SD Frt

Collaboration lies at the heart of modern education, and our mobile storage system supports this philosophy. Easily reconfigure the system to adapt to different classroom activities and teaching styles. Foster a dynamic learning environment where students and educators can seamlessly transition between group work, individual study, and project-based learning.

We understand the importance of organization and accessibility in the classroom. Our mobile storage system is designed to keep materials, supplies, and resources within reach. Stay organized and create a clutter-free learning space that promotes concentration and productivity.

Built with durability in mind, our mobile classroom storage system is crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of daily use. It is engineered to endure the rigors of an active educational environment, ensuring longevity and reliability for years to come.

  • • Premium mobile metal storage
  • • Three practical height options
  • • Three colorful accent panels (2 sides plus top)
  • • Optional dry-erase marker board back panels
  • • Available with doors or add doors at a later date
  • • Hidden lock mechanism prevents tampering
  • • Available in Shelved, Tote or Cubbie configurations
  • • Shelved units can be converted to tote storage with optional kit
Model Numbers & Specs
Model Numbers
Model Numbers
60” Tall Mobile Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves
45” Tall Mobile Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves
30” Tall Mobile Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves
60” Tall Mobile Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves & Doors
45” Tall Mobile Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves & Doors
30” Tall Mobile Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves & Doors
Mobile Metal Storage Laminate Marker Board Accessory

Cabinet Materials: Powder-coated U-channel and formed side and top panels made of 18 gauge steel provide the rigid base structure. Internal 20 gauge steel supports hold shelves and totes. Shelves are 20 gauge powder coated steel. Center channel reinforcements prevent deflection from larger loads. All cabinet bases measure 36 x 22”.

Casters: 4” non-marring casters allow for ease of movement on carpet and tile. Front locking casters help secure cabinets in place.

Optional Doors: Two-point locking mechanism uses both the top and bottom shelves to engage metal security slides. Recessed door handles prevent snagging and keep the front flush when stored. Fully articulating hinges ensure smooth and confident closing of doors. Reinforced door perimeter minimizes rattle when opening, closing or rolling.

Optional Accessory Back Panel: Laser cut punch outs on the back allow for future addition of accessories, including write-on laminate panels.

Frame, Door & Back Panel Color
Leg Platinum
Platinum (PL)
Top and Side Accent Colors
Leg Blue
Blue (DB)
Leg Lime
Lime (EL)
Leg Red
Red (SR)
Downloads & Symbols
Symbols Available

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Classroom Collaborative Desks and Tables by Allied School Furniture

Storage: Spark Creativity in Active Classrooms

Collaborative furniture sparks creativity by providing a conducive environment for brainstorming, ideation, and innovative thinking. By breaking away from the traditional rows of desks, students have the freedom to collaborate, think outside the box, and explore new ideas, ultimately fostering a more creative and dynamic learning experience. Mobile storage units provide access to materials real-time.


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