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Hutch Mobile Storage

The ME-Station mobile presentation and storage unit contributes to improved student engagement, focus, and collaboration. The large surface area provides plenty of space for students to write, draw, and collaborate. The durable dry-erase surfaces are easy to clean, and the presentation panels offer flexibility in organizing and displaying information. The ME-Station can also be easily moved around the classroom to create learning zones as a partition.

Hutch Me Station
Whtieboard Easel A
Boody Flexible Seating
Mobile Whiteboard D

In addition to its presentation capabilities, the ME-Station also includes interior storage shelves. These shelves provide convenient storage for various materials and equipment, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

The Allied 'Switchback' worksurface system allows for the attachment of accessories and tools, enhancing the station's versatility and usability. The ME-Station's size is large enough to function as a partition if desired. It can be placed strategically to create separate spaces or to divide a larger area into more functional sections.

Despite its size, the ME-Station is designed to be mobile and easy to move around. It features wheels that allow for smooth rolling, and it can be locked in place when needed to provide stability during presentations or stationary use.

Assembling the ME-Station is quick and straightforward, thanks to its quick assembly frame system. This feature ensures that users can set up the workstation efficiently without requiring extensive time or effort.

Overall, the ME-Station offers a convenient and versatile solution for presentations, storage, and partitioning needs. Its mobile nature, dual-sided surfaces, and user-friendly features make it a practical choice for various professional and educational environments.

Model Numbers & Specs
Model Numbers
Model Numbers
36x76" Mobile Dual-Sided White Board Multimedia Easel with 3 Shelves

Dimensions: 76" tall, 36" Wide, 23½" Depth.

Writing Surfaces: Two generous 36” wide by 72” tall surface areas. 3⁄4” thick particleboard sealed with premium high-gloss dry-erase surfaces on both sides.

Each ME-Station has two presentation panels, each with two usable surfaces. 2mm PVC edge profile seals the board edges for easy cleaning.  Panels secure to the frame with rear-mounted fasteners for user-friendly replacement.

Board Colors: Premium ultra high gloss white. Custom colors are available based on order size.

Frame System: Unique quick assembly frame system is made of 18-gauge U-channel steel uprights and cross supports with 16-gauge Switch Back channel system for easy board placement.

Shelves: Three interior surface areas provide usable storage space.  Each surface is made from 18-gauge powder coated steel.

Casters: Non-mar locking casters allow for ease of movement on carpet and tile.

Powdercoat Colors
Leg Red
Red (SR)
Leg Lime
Lime (EL)
Leg Blue
Blue (DB)
Leg Platinum
Platinum (PL)
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