With a little care, your Allied Marker Board or Dry Erase Table Top will stay beautiful for years to come.

Care and Cleaning - Dry Erase Surfaces

Dry Erase

**CAUTION** DO NOT use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleansers, scouring pads, sharp writing utensils or other sharp object on high-pressure laminate surfaces. They can be scratched.

General Care

Your Allied Dry Erase Table has a durable, high-gloss surface that will last for many years of daily use. To clean your writing surface and restore its original luster, simply wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth moistened with warm water or markerboard cleaner, and immediately wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

Additional Tips

  • Use only Dry Erase Markers on your markerboard table. Do not use permanent markers as they can permanently stain the surface.
  • Do not allow dry erase marker ink to remain on the table for several days without erasing. We recommend that you clean your markerboard weekly to prevent marker color build up.
  • Use a dry erase marker to color over areas that are hard to clean or develop ghosting. Then erase the problem area. The solvent in the dry erase ink will frequently clean the soiled area.
  • If permanent marker is used on the markerboard table in error, simply marking over the permanent ink with dry erase ink will often allow the permanent ink to be removed.
  • Use only erasers that are designed for markerboards. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work very well. Regular erasers do not work well. A clean soft cloth such as a white t-shirt can be used as an alternative. Only use microfiber cloth if it is rated for optical use. Some microfiber cloths can be abrasive and may dull the surface.
  • Use only cleaning solutions that are specifically made to clean markerboard. Apply the cleaner to the eraser or a clean soft cloth, not directly to the markerboard.

Here is a list of some popular cleaning products:

  • Expo Dry Erase Board Cleaner
  • Quartet BoardGear Markerboard Cleaner
  • Best Rite Green Erase Cleaner
  • Staples Sustainable Earth Multi Whiteboard Cleaner
  • Mar-Kleen Dry Erase Markerboard Cleaner
  • LCS Whiteboard Cleaner

With a little sensible care and routine cleaning, your Allied Dry Erase surfaces will look beautiful for many years to come.