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Modern Classic
24x29 Student Desk

The Modern Classic Student Desk is a highly versatile and durable option, making it an excellent choice for optimizing space utilization. With its sleek rectangular shape, and classic modern aesthetic this desk is well-suited for individual work and can also be grouped together with other desks to create collaborative settings. Whether used in classrooms, study areas, or offices, this desk provides a practical and efficient workspace.

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3K CLSDE 2429 Wmbbk Bbbk
3K CLS 2429 Fmpl
3K CLS 2429 Tkbk
3K CLS 2429 Gnpl BB
3K CLSDE 2429 Agbk Bbbk
3K CLS 2429 Fmpl BB
3K CLSDE 2429 Agpl BB
3K CLS 2429 Okbk

The Modern Classic collection is a versatile and stylish option for classrooms of all sizes. The collection features a timeless aesthetic, durability, and functionality. The adjustable nylon swivel glides and durable chrome and powder-coat finish make the desks and tables easy to move and resistant to wear and tear. The high-pressure laminate (HPL) work surface is also durable and easy to clean. The unique shapes of the desks and tables allow for versatile configurations, making them a good fit for any classroom layout. The vinyl edge is available in a range of popular colors, so you can choose a color that matches your classroom décor. Additionally, you can select leg colors from a sleek black or platinum option.

3K Cls Leg Heights V7
Modern Classic Leg Height Options
Modern Classic Legs are available in Standard (20.5"-30.5") and Low Range (16.5-25.5") heights
CLM Bracket
Modern Classic Precision Leg Fastening System
14 gauge factory-installed steel brackets ensure perfect placement, ease of assembly and maximum stability.
CLM Bookbox
Optional Book Boxes. Rigid one-piece construction
High-impact plastic 18 x 12 x 4" (inside dimensions). Available in black or platinum.
Model Numbers & Specs
Table Shapes 53
Rectangle Desk
Model Numbers
Model Numbers
24x29" Rectangle Desk
Add "DE" to Model Number for Dry Erase
CLS2429 1

Work Surface: 1 1/4" thick 45 lb. density balanced construction. High pressure laminate (HPL) surface.

Leg Construction: Reinforced top plate Insert is 2.3 x 1.28" chrome plated 16 gauge welded to 16 gauge 21⁄2 x 11⁄2" oval tubing. tube. Legs finished with threaded caps and casters. adjustable nylon swivel glides or optional factory installed steel bracket ensures Precision Leg

Fastening System: 14 gauge maximum stability. perfect placement, ease of assembly


Book Box: Rigid one-piece construction. High impact plastic. Inside dim. 18 x 12 x 4"

Back Pack Hook: 11 gauge top plate connected to "diameter wire hook. Fully chrome plated

Florence Walnut
Florence Walnut (FW)
Studio Teak
Studio Teak (ST)
Sterling Ash
Sterling Ash (SA)
French Pear
French Pear (FP)
Kensington Maple
Kensington Maple (KM)
New Age Oak
New Age Oak (NO)
Nepal Teak
Nepal Teak (TK)
Handspun Pearl
Handspun Pearl (HP)
Handspun Dove
Handspun Dove (HD)
Handspun Slate
Handspun Slate (H1)
Handspun Chestnut
Handspun Chestnut (HC)
Crisp Linen
Crisp Linen (CL)
Classic Linen
Classic Linen (CLN)
Pressed Linen
Pressed Linen (PL)
Flax Linen
Flax Linen (FL)
Natural Grey Felt (GF)
Green Felt (GNF)
Blue Felt (BLF)
Oragne Felt
Orange Felt (ORF)
Yellow Felt (YLF)
Dry Erase
Dryerase Image
Available in Dry Erase (add "DE" to Model #)
DE White WMB
White Markerboard (WMB)
Starched Paperfold (SPF)
Glass Cloth
Glass Cloth (GCL)
DE Icegray IG
Ice Grey (IG)
DE Applegreen AG
Apple Green (AG)
Laminate Yellow
Chrome Yellow (CRY)
K12 Basics
Laminate Gray Nebula
Grey Nebula (10)
Laminate Graphite Nebula
Graphite Nebula (96)
Laminate Wild Cherry
Wild Cherry (75)
Laminate Fusion Maple
Fusion Maple (FM)
Laminate Light Oak
Golden Oak (OK)
Laminate Blue
Blue (BL)
Vinyl Edge Band Colors
Edge Platinum
Platinum (PL)
Black Edge
Black (BK)
Edge Charcoal
Charcoal (CH)
Maple Edge
Maple (FM)
Edge Red
Red (SR)
Edge Lime
Lime (EL)
Edge Blue
Blue (DB)
Navy Edge
Navy (BL)
Purple Edge
Purple (PU)
Leg and Caster Colors
Leg Platinum
Platinum (PL)
Leg Black
Black (BK)
Downloads & Symbols
Boody Png Cta

Flexible seating is the key to a more student-centered learning environment.

When students are able to move around and find a comfortable position, they are more likely to be able to focus on their work and be productive. This is because movement helps to keep the brain engaged and prevents students from getting restless or fidgety. Our Boody Stool is the perfect pairing with Modern Classic tables.


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