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Boody Stool
Flexible Seating

With its innovative design, the Boody Stool takes flexible seating to the next level. It offers a unique blend of functionality and comfort, enabling students to actively participate in their learning journey. The stool's wobbling feature encourages subtle movements, enhancing focus and improving concentration. Studies have shown that this dynamic seating option stimulates cognitive engagement, resulting in improved academic performance.

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3K BDY Rocking (1)
3K BDY Grp V5
3K BDY Smoke
3K BDY Amethyst
3K BDY Green
3K BDY Scarlet
3K BDY Marine
3K BDY Tangerine
3K BDY Sunflower

Designed with innovation in mind, Boody combines functionality and comfort, empowering students to take an active role in their learning journey. With its 12º of wobble, it promotes subtle movements that enhance focus and concentration.

One of the key benefits of flexible seating is the ability to cater to individual learning styles and preferences. The Boody Stool embraces this philosophy by offering a versatile seating option that adapts to students' unique needs. From those who prefer a more active and dynamic seating experience to those seeking a cozy corner for focused reading, the Boody Stool provides the freedom and flexibility for students to create their personalized learning space. By offering students a choice in their seating options, you create an environment where they feel valued and in control of their learning experience. This sense of autonomy nurtures their motivation, self-esteem, and overall enthusiasm for learning.

The Boody Stool's lightweight and versatile design allows for easy rearrangement to suit various learning activities. Whether it's a whole-group discussion, individual workstations, or small-group collaborations, the Boody Stool effortlessly adapts to meet the changing needs of your classroom, providing an adaptable and dynamic learning space.

Boody Tilt2
Boody 12º of Rotational Movement
Replaceable thermoplastic polyurethane coupled to plastic nylon core provides controlled 360 degree movement
A Bdy Dimensions
Boody Dimensions
With a seating position at approximately 18½” high, it comes with a generous 16½” round seating area and stable 18” wide base.
Model Numbers & Specs
Model Numbers
Model Numbers
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Amethyst
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Green
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Marine
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Scarlet
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Smoke
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Sunflower
Boody Flexible Seating Stool - Tangerine
A Bdy Dimensions

Material: Upper upholstery is flame-retardant and phthalate free washable vinyl with polyester back. Stain resistant and washable surface provides up to 300,000 double rubs for years of use. Contrasting lower material creates a visual accent that also resists foot marks.

Frame System: Plastic Nylon structural core provides years of use without deformation due to moisture. Unique design provides strength with a reduction in weight for easy positioning of the stool.

Boody Tilt2

Base: Replaceable thermoplastic polyurethane coupled to plastic nylon core provides controlled 360 degree movement with ergonomic angle control of 12 degrees.

Size: With a seating position at approximately 18½” high, it comes with a generous 16½” round seating area and stable 18” wide base.

Contemporary Colors:  Scarlet, Amethyst, Marine, Smoke, Green, Tangerine & Sunflower

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Flexible Seating: The Benefits In K-12 Schools

By incorporating the Boody Stool into the classroom, educators can create a more dynamic and student-centered learning environment. This versatile seating option empowers students to take charge of their learning experience and make choices that optimize their productivity and well-being. Embrace the flexible seating trend with the Boody Stool – a perfect addition to any modern K12 classroom, promoting an active and engaging educational atmosphere.


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