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meet oracle.

It's more to us than classroom furniture; Oracle™ reflects our commitment to student well-being, innovative design, and fostering learning spaces where students thrive, learn, and grow in comfort and confidence.

Allied Oracle School Chair6
We're part of something bigger.

The environments we furnish together with educators, dealers + designers empower students to become active participants in their education, preparing them for the dynamic and collaborative demands of the modern world.

A student that created an Airplane in a STEM or Makerspace Learning Environment.
meet boody.

Flexible seating designed with comfort, sophistication, and movement in mind. Prioritizing student comfort, Boody features an upholstered seat and offers an impressive 12 degrees of movement, encouraging natural shifts and adjustments for enhanced comfort and focus.

The Boody Flexible Seating Product by Allied School Furniture.
Innovative Designs for Creative Spaces.

For 75+ years, we've been a family of makers, designers, and manufacturers, crafting exceptional school furniture that goes way beyond the norm. Our passion for innovation drives us to create inspiring learning spaces that leave a lasting impact.

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Innovative Designs for Creative Spaces.

School Children learning in Makerspace and STEM Learning Environments.
The Transformative Power of Maker Spaces in K12 Schools: Shaping Future-Ready Students.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the traditional classroom model is gradually giving way to innovative learning environments that foster creativity, collaboration, and hands-on problem-solving skills. Maker Spaces, equipped with makerspace furniture and cutting-edge tools and resources, are revolutionizing K12 schools across America. These learning spaces empower students to become active learners, while also preparing them for the demands of the future workplace.

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