Velocity Activity Tables

Velocity Activity Tables

The Allied Velocity series of activity tables offer superior stability and ease of installation. In addition to our most popular shape and size combinations, Velocity offers unique table shapes to provide original and versatile solutions that facilitate flexible spatial use and stimulate creativity in the learning environment.


  • Modern height-adjustable Velocity leg
  • Environmentally friendly powder coat upper & lower leg assembly
  • Oversized mounting plate to prevent deflection
  • High pressure laminate (HPL) work surface
  • Optional precision leg fastening system
  • Legs and vinyl edges available in designer colors
  • Color-matched casters available
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Color and Shape Options
Features and Options
Velocity legs are all steel, adjustable in 1" increments, finished with a threaded cap and nylon swivel glides (or optional casters).
Velocity Precision Leg Fastening System. 14 gauge factory-installed steel brackets ensure perfect placement, ease of assembly and maximum stability.
Velocity Legs adjust from 24-37". Casters add 3"
Velocity Legs are available in five power coat colors
Velocity legs are available in five colors, with optional matching casters.

Work Surface: 1¼” thick 45 lb. density particleboard with sealed backer for balanced construction. Long-life high pressure laminate surface with form fitting mechanically fastened edge banding.

Leg Construction: Reinforced mounting plate welded to 14 gauge tubing. Leg upper consists of powder coated 2” round tubing. Insert is 1.8” powder coated 16 gauge tubing. Each leg is finished with a molded insert that accepts the included nylon glides or optional casters.

Precision Leg Fastening System: 14 gauge factory-installed steel bracket ensures perfect placement, ease of assembly and maximum stability.

Table Heights: Work surface height is adjustable in one inch increments using an extended point set screw. 

  • Legs adjust from 24” to 37”. 
  • With optional 3” casters, legs adjust from 27” to 40”.

Care & Cleaning


Locking Casters: 3” swivel mounted locking casters replace standard glides. (Order CA75B)

Model #'s
Model # Description
VEL48APEX 48x48" Apex Table
VEL60APEX 60x60" Apex Table
VEL48JAX 48x48" Jax Table
VEL60JAX 60x60" Jax Table
VELLENS-SM 47x56" Lens Small Table
VELLENS-LG 57x71" Lens Large Table
VEL60OVAL 36x60" Oval Table
VEL72OVAL 48x72" Oval Table
VELPOND 46x60" Pond Table
VEL60PROP 60" Prop Table
VELSPAN-SM 24x51" Span Table
VELSPAN-LG 30x70" Span Table
VELSWEEP-SM 37x48" Sweep Table
VELSWEEP-LG 49x64" Sweep Table
VEL2436 24x36" Rectangular Table
VEL2448 24x48" Rectangular Table
VEL2460 24x60" Rectangular Table
VEL3048 30x48" Rectangular Table
VEL3060 30x60" Rectangular Table
VEL3072 30x72" Rectangular Table
VEL3660 36x60" Rectangular Table
VEL3672 36x72" Rectangular Table
VEL4260 42x60" Rectangular Table
VEL3636 36x36" Square Table
VEL4242 42x42" Square Table
VEL4848 48x48" Square Table
VEL36CR 36" Circle Table
VEL42CR 42" Circle Table
VEL48CR 48" Circle Table
VEL60CR 60" Circle Table
VEL48CP 48" Chip Table
VEL4272DD 42x72" Doodle Table
VEL60FL 60" Flower Table
VEL48HR 48" Half Round Table
VEL666H 60x66" Horseshoe Table
VEL372K 36x72" Kidney Table
VEL472K 48x72" Kidney Table
VEL3048MG 30x48" Merge Table
VEL3060MG 30x60" Merge Table
VEL48OT 48" Octagon Table
VEL3048SG 30x48" Surge Table
VEL3060SG 30x60" Surge Table
VEL6072TM 60x72" Team Table
VEL24TP 24x24x48" Trapezoid Table
VEL30TP 30x30x60" Trapezoid Table
  • Model: VEL48APEX
  • Description:
    48x48" Apex Table
  • Model: VEL60APEX
  • Description:
    60x60" Apex Table
  • Model: VEL48JAX
  • Description:
    48x48" Jax Table
  • Model: VEL60JAX
  • Description:
    60x60" Jax Table
  • Model: VELLENS-SM
  • Description:
    47x56" Lens Small Table
  • Model: VELLENS-LG
  • Description:
    57x71" Lens Large Table
  • Model: VEL60OVAL
  • Description:
    36x60" Oval Table
  • Model: VEL72OVAL
  • Description:
    48x72" Oval Table
  • Model: VELPOND
  • Description:
    46x60" Pond Table
  • Model: VEL60PROP
  • Description:
    60" Prop Table
  • Model: VELSPAN-SM
  • Description:
    24x51" Span Table
  • Model: VELSPAN-LG
  • Description:
    30x70" Span Table
  • Model: VELSWEEP-SM
  • Description:
    37x48" Sweep Table
  • Model: VELSWEEP-LG
  • Description:
    49x64" Sweep Table
  • Model: VEL2436
  • Description:
    24x36" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL2448
  • Description:
    24x48" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL2460
  • Description:
    24x60" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL3048
  • Description:
    30x48" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL3060
  • Description:
    30x60" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL3072
  • Description:
    30x72" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL3660
  • Description:
    36x60" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL3672
  • Description:
    36x72" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL4260
  • Description:
    42x60" Rectangular Table
  • Model: VEL3636
  • Description:
    36x36" Square Table
  • Model: VEL4242
  • Description:
    42x42" Square Table
  • Model: VEL4848
  • Description:
    48x48" Square Table
  • Model: VEL36CR
  • Description:
    36" Circle Table
  • Model: VEL42CR
  • Description:
    42" Circle Table
  • Model: VEL48CR
  • Description:
    48" Circle Table
  • Model: VEL60CR
  • Description:
    60" Circle Table
  • Model: VEL48CP
  • Description:
    48" Chip Table
  • Model: VEL4272DD
  • Description:
    42x72" Doodle Table
  • Model: VEL60FL
  • Description:
    60" Flower Table
  • Model: VEL48HR
  • Description:
    48" Half Round Table
  • Model: VEL666H
  • Description:
    60x66" Horseshoe Table
  • Model: VEL372K
  • Description:
    36x72" Kidney Table
  • Model: VEL472K
  • Description:
    48x72" Kidney Table
  • Model: VEL3048MG
  • Description:
    30x48" Merge Table
  • Model: VEL3060MG
  • Description:
    30x60" Merge Table
  • Model: VEL48OT
  • Description:
    48" Octagon Table
  • Model: VEL3048SG
  • Description:
    30x48" Surge Table
  • Model: VEL3060SG
  • Description:
    30x60" Surge Table
  • Model: VEL6072TM
  • Description:
    60x72" Team Table
  • Model: VEL24TP
  • Description:
    24x24x48" Trapezoid Table
  • Model: VEL30TP
  • Description:
    30x30x60" Trapezoid Table

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