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Oracle Seating
Stack Chair

Born from a deep understanding of the needs of students and educators, the Oracle chair boasts a unique and ergonomic Dual Wall Shell Design. This innovative structure, featuring an Active Contour Seatback and a Compression Seat Zone, seamlessly conforms to the user's body, offering personalized support and promoting proper posture.

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Oracle 18 Red
Chairback Green (1)
Oracle 16S18S
Oracle Chair Stack4
Oracle 18 Grph
Oracle 18 Green
Oracle 18 Char
Oracle 18 Blu
Oracle 18 Midblu
At the heart of Oracle’s unique design is its groundbreaking Dual Wall Shell.

Revolutionary design that prioritizes student well-being while embracing innovation and choice.

Understanding that comfort is key to learning, the Oracle Chair features an innovative Dual Wall Shell Design. This ergonomic seating solution boasts an Active Contour Seatback and Compression Seat Zone, working together to cradle the user's body and provide personalized support. This promotes good posture, a critical factor for reducing fatigue, improving focus, and ultimately, enhancing the learning experience for students of all ages.

The Oracle chair's commitment to student well-being extends beyond its ergonomic features. The choice of material, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), is no accident. This eco-friendly and highly recyclable material significantly reduces environmental impact without compromising on durability or comfort. Additionally, HDPE's excellent heat dissipation ensures that students remain comfortable even during extended periods of use.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. 

That's why the chair is designed to empower students with 4 Student Sitting Positions. Whether they prefer to sit front, back, or on either side, the Oracle adapts to their needs, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Additionally, the no pinch-point design ensures safety and comfort in all seating arrangements.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the student experience.

The Oracle chair boasts a fully welded 14 Gauge Steel frame coated with powder coat paint for exceptional strength and durability. This robust construction guarantees the chair can withstand the demands of daily classroom use, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for years to come.

Available in a range of 6 beautiful colors, including Midnight Blue, Graphite, Stop Red, Dynamic Blue, Electric Lime, and Charcoal. This vibrant palette allows schools to customize their learning spaces and create an environment that reflects their unique personality.

Allied School Furniture student chairs

Oracle Active Seating Contour
Active Contour Seatback
Oracle’s backrest seamlessly conforms to each student’s unique body shape, offering a “catch and release feeling” for personalized support and promoting proper posture, vital for students during long periods of learning. The gentle flex in the back mimics natural movement, encouraging students to find their optimal learning position.
Oracle Pressure Glides
Pressure Sensitive Glides
Oracle’s glides actively counterbalance the student’s body weight, they encourage a natural shift of weight into the seat back, promoting optimal posture and comfort. Furthermore, these glides are constructed from environmentally friendly Thermoplastic Vulcanisate (TPV) material that seamlessly adapts to various floor surfaces.
Metaltometal Orcale
Engineered To Last - BIFMA x6.1
Oracle's durable, fully welded steel frame ensures longevity, and is fastened to the shell via 6 metal-to-metal connection points molded into the shell. Additionally, Oracle surpases BIFMA x6.1 testing which ensures that the chair meets rigorous industry standards for safety, durability, and sustainability.
Model Numbers & Specs
Model Numbers
Model Numbers
Oracle 18" Stack Chair
Oracle 16" Stack Chair

4 Seating Positions
Students choose their seating position; front, back, or on either side.

No Pinch-Point Frame 
All gaps and spaces along frame and shell are larger than 1in.

Grabbable Seat Edges
Each seat edge is suitable for lifting, as a handle, or as a brace- making active learning seamless and intuitive.

Stackable, Storable + Cleanable
Unique stacking guides on the rear legs make stacking 4-5 chairs easy, and smooth edges and smooth back make it easy to clean.

Comprehensive Warranty
As with all Allied products, Oracle is covered by a best in class warranty.

BIFMA x6.1 Certified
Ensures that Oracle meets rigorous industry standards for safety, durability, and sustainability

UV Resistant Color
Material has an additive to resist UV light and stay color-fast for longer. 

Durable Construction
Powder Coated 14-gauge 1” steel tube frame

Unique TPV glides 
Suitable for every flooring type.

Oracle Specs 2
Oracle Specs 1
Oracle Shell Colors
Dynamic Blue
Midnight Blue
Stop Red
Electric Lime
Frame Color
Leg Platinum
Platinum (PL)
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