Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cleaning and care instructions for my Allied furniture?
All Allied high-pressure laminates will provide years of beautiful, durable performance when used and cared for properly. This guide offers suggestions and recommendations on care and cleaning techniques to help your laminate surfaces stand the test of time. Download Easy Cleaning Instructions here.

Do you have a sizing chart?
Yes, we have an Easy Sizing Chart to help you chooose the ideal table and chair heights based on your K-12 grade level.

How do I care for my dry erase table?
To refresh your writing surface to its original luster, simply wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth moistened with warm water or markerboard cleaner, and immediately wipe dry with a clean soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, sharp writing utensils, or other sharp objects which could cause scratching. Download Dry Erase Cleaning Instructions here.

Do you provide assembly instructions?
Yes! You can find assembly instructions for all of our tables and desks here.

Where can I get your full catalog?
Just click here and we will happily send you a beautiful full-color catalog showcasing all of our product lines. You can also check back here to find the latest product updates.

I need drawing symbols for my CAD program. Where can I get them?
Just click here to request drawing symbols. Please be sure to specify your required format, e.g. Revit, 2020, CET, KITS or others.