Free Standing Protective Barriers

Free Standing Protective Barriers

with Optional Transaction Cutout

PVC health shields for use in schools, colleges and administrative offices protect both employees and customers by maintaining social distancing practices and minimizing contact whenever direct communication is required.

Allied’s high-gloss protective screens are clear, highly transparent and able to withstand repeated sanitizing with common cleaners*.  Allied’s PVC shields are highly transparent, with 88% light transmission, superior break resistance, and easy cleanability and disinfection. They are the ideal choice for applications that require durable, chemically washable see-through material for health, reception and safety screens. 


  • Fits any counter space
  • PVC construction for durability and chemical resistance
  • No tools required
  • Optional transaction cutout
  • Easily sanitized

*PVC is washable with products containing ammonia or alcohol. See cleaning instructions here

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Two size options:

24” Wide x 32” Tall

48” Wide x 32” Tall


Protective Screen:

1/4” PVC panel.

Suitable for contact with commercially available disinfectants and glass cleaners*.

Break resistant.

88% light transmission.

Exceptionally transparent and distortion-free.

Model #'s
Model # Description
SEFSB2432 23.5 x 31.5" Free Standing Screen
SEFSB4832 47.5 x 31.5" Free Standing Screen
  • Model: SEFSB2432
  • Description:
    23.5 x 31.5" Free Standing Screen
  • Model: SEFSB4832
  • Description:
    47.5 x 31.5" Free Standing Screen

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